Survey Report

Japanese Knotweed Survey Report

Our survey process in brief

We will do our best to visit your site at a convenient time that suits you. Our PCA certificated surveyors will carry out a detailed investigation of your site and neighbouring land. The survey is based on a visual observation only; no digging of soil to disturb the weeds and plants will be undertaken. Our surveyors are highly trained to identify Japanese Knotweed throughout the year as long as no effort to hide the signs of the plant has been made prior to the survey.

You will be provided with an electronic version of the Japanese Knotweed Survey Report normally within three working days of our visit. Our survey cost starts at £200. The cost of this will be refunded if a treatment course with Japanese Knotweed Plus Ltd is subsequently undertaken. Please refer to our T&Cs for more information regarding our surveys.

Our survey report

We will produce a high-quality print-ready PDF version of the report that will satisfy your solicitor and buyer’s mortgage lender. The report will include general information about our company, our team, and essential pieces of legislation related to Japanese Knotweed.

A detailed map of your site and surrounding area will be displayed. Your property will be highlighted on the map. If Japanese Knotweed is present on your land or on neighbouring land this area will be highlighted on the map. The dimensions of the infested area and the shortest distance to the house will also be indicated.

Survey report map

High-resolution photographs of the affected area accompanied by detailed descriptions will also be shown in the report. We will show and comment on any other plants that have been identified as suspicious by our surveyors.

In the final part of the report, the risk of Japanese Knotweed to the property will be estimated using a chart introduced by RICS in 2012. The risk is subdivided into four categories depending on the distance from the affected area to the property boundary or habitable space (house, conservatory, garage). If the affected are falls into categories 3 or 4, further investigation by a qualified contractor is automatically required and a management plan should be established.

RICS chart

If the risk is a category 3 or 4, we will offer a tentative management plan in the survey report. A two-year treatment course using herbicides will normally be applied to slowly kill the plant, followed by a two-year monitoring course to ensure that the probability of regrowth in the future will be significantly reduced.

The total cost of the treatment/monitoring course will be indicated at the end of the report. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, a more detailed management plan will be produced. The management plan will be updated throughout the treatment course and forwarded to the client.

The survey report for non-domestic clients will be built using a similar structure.

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