Selling your home and discovered you have Japanese Knotweed? We can help!

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Discovering you have Japanese Knotweed can be unsettling and cause panic. We have the experience to help resolve the problem, ensuring the smooth sale of your property.

Free Japanese Knotweed Identification

If you send us a photo we will identify whether you have Japanese Knotweed and contact you straight back. 90% of the time the client doesn't have Japanese Knotweed and no further action is required.

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Free Survey*

Before we can commence treatment or put a management plan in place, we have to conduct a survey of the site. Conducted by one of our PCA accredited surveyors and followed up afterwards by a detailed survey report. This cost is then discounted from any treatment plans.

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Small enough to care, big enough to cope

Not our words, but we love them! They describe us perfectly! Whilst we are not a multi-national (with prices to match) we have the capacity to deal with your requirements for Japanese Knotweed Solutions. Our phones are answered by a surveyor, getting you the help you need right away.

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What Our Clients Say

Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the level of service provided, including your knowledge, your advice, your professional manner, your quick response to all enquires. I would highly recommend your company to friends and family. It’s seldom today you get the excellent service that Mr Stephen Singleton provides and in such a caring and understanding way. Highly rate 10 out of 10, even 11. Thank you Stephen. You solved all the issues and concerns. Mary, Worsley, Manchester