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Japanese Knotweed House

If you have a Japanese knotweed house, meaning Japanese knotweed on your property you can call us. After receiving a copy of our terms and conditions we can usually do a survey for you the same day, depending on workload and location. We will then establish the extent of the problem and provide you with […]

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How to Kill Japanese Knotweed

Many people believe it is impossible to know how to kill Japanese knotweed due to incorrect and miss leading information they have read on the internet! They may type into a search engine how to kill Japanese knotweed and find that you cannot kill the plant and that it will ruin the chances of you […]

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Japanese Knotweed Removal Cost

Most people haven’t even heard of Japanese knotweed. When they are told by their conveyancing surveyor that the plant is in their garden, they usually get the impression that they will not be able to sell their property. The most common question we get asked when people first contact us is what will the Japanese […]

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Current Japanese Knotweed Legislation

Current Japanese Knotweed Legislation When talking to our clients I’m regularly asked if it is illegal to have Japanese Knotweed on their land. Having the plant on your land won’t be a problem as long as you don’t allow it to spread to somebody else’s land. Understanding the current Japanese Knotweed Legislation can help clarify […]

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Japanese Knotweed

Asian knotweed or Japanese knotweed is a large, grassy herb perennial plant of the knotweed family. It’s native to East Asia in Japan, Korea and China. Although very lovely to look at, Japanese knotweed is a real vandal as it spreads wildly. In winter, the plant dies back below ground but by early summer the […]

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